Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I just tried a new scrub toner and moisturizer. All different brands. I normally like to use a 3 step wash, tone, moisturize set but i wanted to do some reviews.

1. St. Ives swiss formula Apricot Scrub Invigorating. You can get this in blackhead and blemish remove instead of invigorating thats what i got my sister. I have heard GREAT things about this. and I now know why. It is truely AMAZING. leaves you feeling soft and not oily. It smells great too and even after my toner and moisturizer you can still smell the apricots. YUMMY! All in all i usually use a scrub about twice a week and i will use this the same amount. it is amazing yes, but not gentle enough for everyday.

2. OLAY refreshing toner astringent. Its for all skin types... Lets talk about this one, it well.. It is good because it doesnt take alot to cover your face, but when they say "refreshing" it feels like a piece of chewed peppermint gum on your face... and to be honest it burns. But i may just need to get used to it. I will use it for a week or so and get back to it.

3. Clean & Clear oil-free Dual Action Moisturizer. I normally at night like to put 2 moisturizers on my moisturizer and my night cream... the night cream helps seal in the moisturizer. With this particular product it didnt seal. I LOVE how much moisture it gave me. it felt great soft not oily. but i like to lock it in with my night cream but it was so much moisture my nightcream got lost i guess =) I would use this moisturizer for the morning and before makeup.